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BSIS Approved Training - TTF 1123

Online Guard Training In Bulk

If you need to train multiple guards, Valley Guard Online has you covered. Our BSIS-approved online training courses make it easy for your guards to get the required certifications fast.

And the process couldn’t be easier…

Let us know what training your guards need

Whether it’s California Guard Card classes, continuing education, pepper spray, CPR/AED, or any other online training we offer.

Get codes for them to use at checkout

You get codes for specific dollar amounts based on the desired training. Pass them out in person or log in and send them by email through our personalized company portal.

Your guards do the rest

They use the codes to checkout and create their own accounts with Valley Guard Online. They complete the training, get their certificates, and you’re good to go.

Our easy-to-use company portal gives you complete control…

Ready to get started?

Let us know how many guards you want to train, which courses you’re interested in, and we’ll get you set up.

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