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BSIS Approved Training - TTF 1123

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Guard Card

Take our online Guard Card classes

BSIS requires you to take 8 hours of training before you can apply for a California Guard Card. The two required courses are:

You can get these classes in either our California Guard Card Bundle or our “Full 40” Bundle. After you go through the lessons and pass our fail-proof tests, you can download your certificates of completion. Then it’s on to step 2…

Get fingerprinted

After you pass our Guard Card classes, we’ll give you access to a downloadable Livescan fingerprinting form and a list of every official Livescan fingerprinting facility in California.

Simply fill out the form and take it to the nearest Livescan facility. They’ll fingerprint you and give you a copy of your form along with your Livescan ATI number. You’ll need that number for step 3…

Submit your application

After you get fingerprinted, you can apply for your Guard Card either by mail or online:

And that’s it!

BSIS will do a background check (there is no drug test) and process your application. Their average response time is 15-20 business days, but it can be as few as 3-5 business days. While you wait for your actual Guard Card to get mailed to you, your name will appear on the BSIS website so employers can verify your registration.

After you get your Guard Card…

Once you get a job, BSIS requires you to complete 32 hours of continuing education.

You can get all 32 hours of required classes in either our Continuing Education Bundle or our “Full 40” Bundle.

We give you our California Guard Card classes for free when you buy the “Full 40” Bundle, so it’s a good way to get all of your BSIS-required training in one package and save some money.