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BSIS Approved Training - TTF 1123

Permit Tracker Service

You’ve worked hard to get your guard training and permits in order. Don’t lose it all because of a missed renewal deadline.

With the Valley Guard Online Permit Tracker Service, you get customized notifications sent right to your inbox for all of your most important permits…

Calculate range qualification dates

Take the guesswork out of figuring out when your next qual is due. Our system does the math for you and sends a series of notifications that start 60 days from the deadline. You’ll have plenty of time to schedule your next visit to the range.

Get guard card refresher course reminders

BSIS requires 8 hours of training in the year after your guard card is issued. We’ll send you a notification when it’s time so you can keep your California guard card up-to-date.

Create custom expiration notices

Enter your permit or license details, choose how long before the expiration date you want to be notified, and you’re all set. We’ll schedule a custom notification just for you.

Why take chances with your career?

Let our Permit Tracker Service help you stay on top of all your training requirements. Track your…

…with our easy-to-use, secure, online system. For less than the cost of a good burger, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes in knowing you’ll never have to miss another renewal deadline.

Get it for free

Our complete Permit Tracker Service is free when you take any of our online training courses. Find out more about our online guard card classes.

Note: For guard card and firearm permit tracking, the Valley Guard Online Permit Tracker Service only covers 2-year permits.